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Acne Dressing Mask (1pc)

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Pyunkang Yul finally offer products targeting acne prone skin! The ACNE Dressing Mask Pack contains four essence-soaked patches which can be applied to any areas with acne. This is the perfect mask when you have active acne as it contains Willow Bark Extract (natural BHA) to help reduce and heal blemishes.

Bring the mask to the center of your face. Smooth onto cheeks with palms. Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove the mask sheet and pat gently to absorb surplus serum.

Ratings and Reviews

Sindie Aura
20 March 2020
Top Reviewer
Pyunkang yul
Nyaman di pake nya dan engga lengket di muka
Hesthi Pratiwi
06 October 2019
Dressing mask
The essence is completely liquid and almost as same as toner from this line. Something that disappointed me because I expected a more lasting essence, in fact in the package says that only last 5-10 minutes a time too short. It is completely colorless, liquid and scentless, contains enough to wet the cottons but nothing more.
And the sheet divided into 4 thick cotton pad parts that absorb the essence, however, are too large and being thick and heavy hinder adhession to the skin. If they were a little smaller or in one piece they could be more versatile and used in full face, which would be better. .
Yunita Malikul mulki
14 June 2019
Top Reviewer
Good good
Jerawat langsung pada kempes dan merah merah nya hilang .. good job

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