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Airy Multipurpose Spray

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Quench your skinʼs thirst for freshness with the power of anti-oxidant rich Airy Multipurpose Spray, a refreshing watermelon-scented beauty elixir for a soothing, long-lasting hydration.

More than just a basic face mist, Airy Multipurpose Spray is specially developed to treat your skin with skincare benefit of active Niacinamide 4% serum to brighten and improve the appearance of dull skin over time. Naturally-derived Watermelon extract gives skin a boost of moisture even in driest climates, pure Cucumber extract helps to balance sebum production, and a gentle blend of Aloe Vera Extract and Allantoin deeply hydrates and soothes irritated skin.

A multitasking head-to-toe beauty elixir to prep and nourish skin before makeup, lock your look in place for hours, keep makeup from melting, caking up or fading, and revive the look of tired, stressed skin for a healthy-looking glow.

Made with the finest micro mist technology, highly-concentrated skincare formula, and contains zero alcohol, Airy Multipurpose Spray feels super lightweight on your skin, leaving a veil of comfortable, non-sticky feel thatʼs suitable for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone skin.
1. Shake well before each use 2. Spray gently and evenly over face after makeup 3. Keep eyes closed for five seconds after application 4. Reapply throughout the day for continuous protection

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