BLP Face Glow - DUSK & DAWN

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A combination of light pink blush and pale gold highlighter that suits those with lighter complexion, while can still give alluring effect to darker skin tones. 

Build-able, pigmented and luminous, the formula suits every complexion and lives up the glow inside out.

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Ikul Ym
31 December 2020
Blp face glow
Cakepp bun gak nyesel beli ini bunn
Pigmented kali cakep pokonyaa
Tahan lama nempel di muka
Lani S
Top Reviewer
17 September 2020
Blp beauty face glow
Face glow blp yang ngehits dikalangan para selebgram semua nya pake face palette blp ini
Dan pas coba beli ternyata emang beneran sebagus itu woy
Super pigenter dan cantik bangett
Riia Pratiwi
Top Reviewer
13 September 2020
Cantik . Ringkes karena udah ada blush on nya dan highlighter nya .. warnanya juga cantik . Dan pigmented
Kerenhapukh S
Top Reviewer
30 August 2020
warna blushnya bagus bgt kalo lagi tan, highlighternya juga bagus melts in nicely
Virna Amelia
Top Reviewer
22 July 2020
Love banget! warna blush on nya bagus cantik banget dan pigmented, highlighternya juga mantul dipakai. Praktis buat dibawa travelling.
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