KISSKISS Matte Lipstick

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What it is:
A hydrating matte lip color. 

What it does:
This hydrating and plumping matte lipstick offers the intensity of a lipstick and the comfort of a balm. A subtle spice extract gives the impression of voluminous lips, while precious oils and hyaluronic acid smooth and hydrate them. KissKiss Matte offers captivating shades for all occasions. The iconic packaging is adorned with a golden matte veil.

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Okma Noviana
Top Reviewer
11 January 2021
So special
Suka bgt sm matte lipstick yg satu ini. Warnanya cantik bgt, sekali swatch aja warnanya udah lovely, pemakaiannya jd irit. Ga bikin bibir kering and the color looks fabulous!!! Agak pricey memang, jd kudu pinter2 ngincer produk ini pas lg diskon. Repurchase? Yes...klo lg ada budget or harga diskon or sale.????????????
Ikul Ym
31 December 2020
Mahal sih tapi bagus gimana dong hehehe
Pigmented dan ringan syekali
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