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L’Absolu - 2741 x Catleya Dea

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Premium Synthetic hair with extra lightweight, flexible and transparent band that will blends perfectly to your eyes. This lashes are the one and only perfect partner to accomplish your eye-embroidering technique

Type: L'Absolu- Upper lashes

Made from: 100% Luxury Synthetic Hair

NOTICE: Each piece of this product is handmade. Please take extra caution when handling them as they are extremely fragile.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Gently remove false eyelashes from the platform and apply a few drops of eyelash adhesive to the bottom edge of the false lashes. Apply the false lashes above your eyelashes along your natural upper lash line, pressing lightly from the outside towards the inner corner of the eye. Wait for 5-6 seconds for the adhesive to dry. To remove, gently pull off starting from the outer corner, pulling inwards inner corner of eyes. Reusable.

Ratings and Reviews

Virna Amelia
29 July 2020
Top Reviewer
Buku mata yang ringan dan nyaman dipakai, awet dipakai berkali kali dan bikin mata terlihat cantik dan lentik
Indah S
23 March 2019
Top Reviewer
Bener bener ringan jadi nyaman banget buat dipakenya dan juga hasilnya cantiiik banget ❣️
Indah S
21 March 2019
Top Reviewer
Bener bener ringan, gampang banget buat diaplikasiinnya, dan nyaman dipakenya terus hasilnya juga cantik banget❣️

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