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Mini Detail Eye Brush Set - Rose Gold

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Detail your eyes with the Luxie Mini Detail Eye Set! As our most precise eye brushes to date, they are also made with the softest synthetic bristles tailored to give the gentlest touch while working around the delicate eye area. These are all exclusively designed to precisely blend, apply, or smudge colors in the crease, lid, or lower lash.


111 Mini Flat Angled - Ideal for smudging, blending out harsh lines, or densely packing on cream products onto the lid

121 Mini Tapered - Small fluffy blending brush, essentially a mini version of the 205 brush, ideal for blending out your crease color with powder shadows

131 Mini Angled - The angle allows for beveling the natural curves of your eye or brow bone, making blending precise and easy

141 Mini Round - Ideal for smudging and smoking out your bottom lash line with cream or powder products while not compromising the intensity of the pigment

151 Mini Flat - Ideal for blending or smudging out lines in hard to reach areas, or applying highlight shades to your inner corner using cream or powder products

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