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Patting Splash Mask Rejuvenating Purple Berry 200ml

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What it is:

An innovative mask with multi-tasking skincare benefits.

What it does:

Blithe Patting Splash Mask contains a concentrated blend of lactic acid and antioxidant-packed berries to enhance skin elasticity and firmness. It provides exfoliating, deep cleansing, moisturising, pH balancing effects at once.

After cleansing, fill the sink or a bowl with water (23 oz). Pour one cap of Patting Splash Mask into the sink or bowl. Splash and pat liquid onto face for 15 seconds, then gently pat dry with towel.

Or pour a capful of Patting Splash Mask onto palms in the shower and splash and pat onto cleansed skin for 15 seconds. Use shower water to continue to splash, pat and rinse, making sure to dilute the formula with water.

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