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Perfect Lasting Lip Tint

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Freshen up your everyday look with a touch of watermelon freshness from the Perfect Lasting Lip Tint collection, a creamy liquid lip tint with airy texture to coat your lips with vivid pigments in semi-matte finish, leaving a beautiful, patch-less, long-lasting stain.

Just like a slice of cool watermelon on a hot summer day, Perfect Lasting Lip Tint will quench your thirst for freshness with a veil of ultimate hydration, thanks to it skincare-packed ingredients. A blend of naturally-derived Watermelon extract and Inca Omega Oil provide moisture-binding ingredients that works wonder to gently moisturize dry lips, leaving lips looking smooth and plumped with hydration.

The creamy formula is rich in anti-inflammatory benefit of Vitamin F and nourishing antioxidant Vitamin E that helps to soothe chapped lips and prevents further damage. Equipped with superior Titanium Dioxide, a swipe of Perfect Lasting Lip Tint on the lips helps to protects and filters any harmful UV rays that can lead to premature ageing.

Comes in 10 luscious, easy-to-wear shades inspired by the spirit of summer, ranging from lively coral, vibrant red, romantic mauve, to the best of nudes. Perfect Lasting Lip Tint delivers rich color payoff to match any makeup looks, flatters a diverse range of skin tones, and feels comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Dear Ayla
An ethereal shade of deep red fuschia in full blossom, it's vibrancy adds interest and a flattering focal point.

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