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Perfect V Lifting Premium Mask (1pc)

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Within 3 months of its launch, sold 600,000 masks in Korea alone!
The first in the field to use specialized fabric with great elasticity that aids in creating a natural lift in the face!
Avajar’s Perfect V Lifting Premieum Mask is a cosmetic product that shows immediate results. 
Even if you undergo plastic surgery or other procedures, they are also not permanent. 
The effects of 1 mask lasts about 12 hours. With daily use, the sagging in the chin area will gradually reduce in size, allowing the effects to last longer with prolonged use.
Everyone is affected by gravity which pulls down rather than lifts – it’s important to constantly work against gravity! Take time to care for yourself everyday.


Suggested Use
1. Open the pouch and remove the protective film.
2. After stretching the mask, put your chin on the middle of the mask.
3. After matching your chin to the middle of the mask, hook onto the ears.
4. After use, remove the mask and lightly massage both cheeks.
* If you experience discomfort in the ears while using the mask, it is because the mask was not stretched out enough before application to the face. 
Unhook from the ears, stretch the mask out more and hook on ears again.

Ratings and Reviews

Kerenhapukh S
19 August 2020
Top Reviewer
ga ngerasain ada efek apa” sih dan buat satu pc nya cukup pricey
iin indriyani
16 July 2020
untuk harga segitu sekali pakai dan hanya lifting bertahsn beberapa jam kaya nya kurang oke dikantong aku:(
Angela Jessica
20 May 2020
Top Reviewer
Ga worth it
Untuk harganya yang sebegitu mahal ini kurang berfungsi sih. Ku coba pake karna orang orang bilang bisa bikin tirus (walaupun ga long last) tapi di aku sama sekali gaada perubahan :(( sedih.
Citha Anindhyta
17 May 2020
Verified Buyer
Perfect V Lifting Premium Mask
Klaimnya bisa bikin wajah kelihatan lebih tirus, alias V line lebih kelihatan dan double chin menghilang. Waktu dipakai terasa lengket dan jaw line ketarik gitu. Baru coba sekali sih, dan pakainya lebih lama daripada yang disarankan, tapi kok nggak kelihatan efeknya ya perasaan? Apa harus beberapa kali pemakaian baru kelihatan hasilnya?
27 July 2019
Top Reviewer
Not long lasting
Efeknya gak lama. Cocoknya dipake sebelum mau ke special occasion aja.

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