STEP1 Skin EQUALIZER Primer 30ml/1oz

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Easy application, optimized result, improved hold. Triple the power of your foundation.

Discover the first step of your complexion routine for a perfect result: STEP1 Skin EQUALIZER. Like a makeup booster, the new primers prepare the skin for a perfect complexion just like a painter prepares his canvas with a basecoat. STEP1 Skin EQUALIZER is an equalizer that can balance out every skin to provide perfect texture and the best possible base to apply foundation.

The new generation primer improves the skin texture with a lighting or transparency effect, without changing the carnation; it acts like a brightness modulator. The 6 formulas answer to 6 issues: shining, dehydration, dryness, redness, dilated pores and fine line, lack of radiance.
STEP1 Skin EQUALIZER is an entire range which allows tailor-made primers for each woman.

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Kerenhapukh S
Top Reviewer
30 August 2020
worth it
one of few primers that actually works. kalo abis pake primer ini makeup jadi lebih bagus dan nempel ke kulit
dr. Deliana Tarigan, M. Biomed
Verified Buyer
09 March 2020
Terlove. Halus banget diaplikasikan ke wajah. Bakal beli lagi. Tapi mahal. Hemmmm
Herlin Karlina
Top Reviewer
24 December 2019
Make up for ever
Aku pake yang step 1 warna putih , ga ngerti lagi sebagusss itu beneran ga nyesel beli nya jugaa meskipun mehong hehe
Isna Pidiani
Top Reviewer
26 September 2019
Make up for ever
Aku pake yang no 2 smoohting , hasil nya matte dan pas di pake in foundy gila sih emang bener smooth bangett .. gak ngeraguin lagi lah ya make up for ever ini
Lidya Natalie
Verified Buyer
06 May 2019
Menghaluskan Make Up
Aku pakai ini cuma kalau mau makeup berat kayak ke kondangan. Kalau pakai primer ini, makeup jadi lebih menempel dan blend di kulit.
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