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Supple Preparation All-Over Lotion 250ml

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When hydration is needed all-over.

Introducing the one product that will take care of all your moisturizing needs.

Use freely anywhere on the face and body wherever moisture is needed. With a generous capacity for various applications, you can use ample amounts as needed anywhere on dry areas.

Immediate moisture, comfortable wear

The All-Over Lotion is absorbed quickly without the stickiness. It’s useable all throughout the year, on any part, in any season, thanks to its smooth, light finish, full of hydration.


The [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation All-Over Lotion is formulated with mild ingredients for use on the entire body and face, for all skin types. It absorbs quickly and feels light without the stickiness or the heaviness. The lotion has a lighter consistency than a cream, allowing faster absorption, and is recommended for those who feel a cream is a bit too heavy.

How to use

Apply to a dry area and gently tap to help absorption.
Applicable anywhere on the skin, including the face, body and hair.


1) Apply generous amounts 2-3 times over dry areas.
2) Store some in a small container and use as a hand cream for on the go.
3) You can even layer it with a fragrant body product that lacked hydration to get the perfect blend you want.
4) Put a small amount of the All-Over Lotion on the tip of your hair (damaged area), and use as a hair lotion. Make sure to only apply when your hair is damp.
5) Not recommended for areas of body acne.

Ratings and Reviews

Lani S
05 October 2020
Top Reviewer
Aku suka diaa hihi
Cepet meresap nya dan juga engga bikin lengket di kulit
Ruth mary Kasan
30 June 2020
Verified Buyer
very moisturizing and gentle yet absorb really quickly
ini bagus banget, harganya memang terlihat mahal namun ini isinya banyak banget. aku tau ini dari euni unnie review dan aku pas coba benar2 sebagus itu. kulit aku gak bandel jadinya. ini all over lotion jadi bsa dipake dimana aja selain di wajah. kadang aku taro di siku juga biar gak kering

kulit ku kalau pakai ini jadi lebih sehat dan glowing. di timpa makeup pun gak buat greasy ato oily! biasanya moisturizer lain antara kurang moisture levelnya (jadi buat dry patches di muka) kalo gak becek banget. tp ini lain! holy grail! gak mau pindah lagi kemana mana habis pake ini hihi krn ud jatuh hati.

minusnya hanya dia gede banget packagingya haha harus hati2 kalo mau keluarin isinya biar gak keluar kebanyakan ^^

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