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Supple Preparation UNSCENTED Facial Toner

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The most important thing for Klairs is that we are bringing quality products to our customers. Therefore, the brand team at Klairs HQ came together to develop one of Klairs most-widely loved and popular toner with an unscented version, meaning no essential oil. Since some of our customers were unable to try the original toner due to the essential oil, this newly formulated unscented toner will now give them the opportunity to try it without a worry.
Main Functions and Differences:
✔ Fast absorbing
✔ Lightweight texture
✔ Low irritation
✔ Vegan-friendly
The toner is lightweight, moisturizing for all skin types, including those with oily skin; it is free of essential oils and any other harsh ingredients. Its light gel-like consistency seeps into skin to make the skin less dry and more smooth and plump with consistent use. This toner has a star studded ingredient list perfect for all skin types, and features a soothing blend of plant based extracts, along with the hydrating ingredient hyaluronic acid, and the soothing centella asiatica.
As mentioned previously, the main difference between the two are that the unscented packaging has changed from a brown bottle to a transparent bottle to match the theme of the no essential oils. In addition, there is a beautiful purple and silver color theme for a newer, fresher, and sleeker feel to the product.

Ratings and Reviews

Oka Luthfi
21 February 2020
Top Reviewer
Klairs supple preparation unscented facial toner
Bikin lembab , bikin glowing bikin fresh juga , jerawat aku di bikin calm sama si klairs toner ini
Yane azria ningsih
07 February 2020
Top Reviewer
Lebih cinta lagi
Toner super duper.
Free oil. Yg cocokk banget sama aku.
Gg menimbulkan jerawat juga pas dipake.
Jadi aman banget ama kulitku.
Ernita Novianti
27 December 2019
PRELOVED baru ke pakai 10%an harga preloved 250rbu bisa nego
ini sebenarnya bagus bikin muka ku lembab dan kenyal trus oily control juga, tp sayang setelah di pake seminggu, muka kua jerawatan ???? yg berminat chatme : 081222236946
Salsa bila
10 December 2019
Verified Buyer
Ga cocok!
Di aku yang kulitnya sensitif to dry, waktu pertama kali aku apply ( malam hari sebelum tidur ) bikin aku breakout merah2. mau aku prelovedin siapa tau ada yang minat bisa dm aku di salsaartt (instagram account)
Roiela Arfailasufandi
09 December 2019
Verified Buyer
Suka suka suka
Baru pertama kali pakek dan udaah sukaa. Beneran nglembabin. Biasanya aku kalo pakek toner yauda aja gitu gak ada efeknya. Tapi ini langsung nglembabin. Sukaaa deeh pokoknya. Mana beli pas diskon gedee hehe

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