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Ultra HD Microfinish Loose Powder 8.5g

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7 Reviews

An award-winning finishing powder that’s ultra-blurring and light-diffusing to create unfiltered perfection for all skintones—in every light. 

What it does: 
The last step in your make up routine, this finishing powder blur the look of your skin’s imperfections. Revamped and now more transparent, weightless, and blurring than ever, this is the ultimate finishing powder. The silica- and silicon-based formula delivers a naturally matte, light-diffusing effect, while minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines. Formulated to look invisible under Ultra HD 4K technology, this loose power is perfect for every skintone with a non-drying formula that creates a visibly flawless finish in any light. A little goes a long way with this finishing powder. Just apply a small amount to a fluffy brush, tap off excess product, and apply after your setting your makeup for additional blurring. 

Ratings and Reviews

Lani S
19 September 2020
Top Reviewer
Make up for ever ultra hd microfinish loose powder
Ekeu baru coba dan langsung sukaaa bangett bo !
Bikin muka matte , tahan lama nahan minyak di muka ekeu , bikin tekture foundy yang nempel di kulit jadi smooth
Duhh cinta banget
Putri giri Pidia bhakti
24 August 2020
Top Reviewer
Make up for ever
Butiran butiran nya haluss
Tahan lama juga nahan minyak di muka
Lilis Rosna
11 June 2020
Top Reviewer
Make up for ever
Loose powder terbaik deh udaahh , cinta banget hihi
Biasa kalo aku mekap daily suka pake ini dan hasil nya baguss lumayan nahan minyak lama
Herlin Karlina
24 December 2019
Top Reviewer
Make up for ever
Powder debest yang aku punya sih , karna bikin mate dan tahan lama juga lumayan nahan minyak lama
Isna Pidiani
26 September 2019
Top Reviewer
Make up for ever
Loose powder kecintaan banget sih ini ,, pake pelembab sama powder mufe juga udah cuco .. bisa nahan minyak hampir seharian

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